About thenewboston

How it all began...

My name is Bucky Roberts. I grew up in northern New York until I was 21 and then I moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I live now. I began going to college down here but soon dropped out once I realized it wasn’t for me. Sure, I was interested in computers and web design, but most of the courses I was taking in college were totally unrelated. I dropped out figuring that I would be able to learn more on my own than any college could ever teach me. So I began reading computer books. A lot.

Shortly after reading a few books on web design, I was hooked. I wanted to know everything and anything about it. I was designing websites any chance I could. I spent almost all of my savings buying more books on different programming languages and other nerdy computer gear. I was addicted. The whole concept of computer and programming fascinated me. As I continued to study more and more, I began to realize that most of the books seemed to lack excitement. The material was useful, but they were far from entertaining. I tried to look online for a more interesting source of learning but to no success. That’s when I discovered YouTube.

My Youtube Experience

Sure, I’ve heard of YouTube before. Even watched videos on there sometimes. Most of them were music videos and of crazy cats, but I began to notice that some users were posting videos about computer topics as well. I soon found out that people were able to record their computer screen without a camcorder at all. I later found out that you could do this for free! Lucky for me, having spent all my money, and curious about anything computer related, I decided to give it a try. I tested out my new software by making some tutorials on web design. I created a YouTube account and decided to name it “thenewboston”. Sounded like a cool name at the time, right?

Anyway, I had 0 subscribers at the time. After posting a few videos, I noticed that people seemed to find them very helpful. I loved noticing other users comment on my videos and interacting with my viewers. They asked for more and more videos and I happily delivered. My viewership began to grow along with the people who were subscribed to my channel. I had no idea so many people were just like me. Interested in web design and looking for free, entertaining, and an alternative resource other than books to learn from.

I started teaching other programming languages and basic software tutorials as well. I also began to notice that other people have done similar things before, made videos on how to use software. However, all of their videos were dry and dull. Aside from that, they were charging top dollar for every single one of their videos! It wasn’t before long that my views began to explode. I was getting messages from people all over the world. Colleges were calling me and asking me to speak. Radio stations were asking for interviews. All because of some videos I posted online that a lot of people found very useful.

I soon realized that these videos were something more than just another cat video on YouTube. They were a gateway to a higher education, for free. While Universities and Corporations were charging like crazy for people to receive an education, people could come and watch my videos and get the same information for no cost at all. I decided that this is the way it would be. An education should be free for everyone who desires one. It should not be a business. And quickly, that became my goal.

The future of thenewboston

So here I am. 4 years / 178,000 Subscribers / 53 Million views later. I have expanded out of my bedroom to an office in a small town nearby. I have used my personal funds as well as the donations from my website to hire a two additional people to begin making tutorials, as well as purchase better equipment in order to make better quality videos. All of this, yet the costs remains the same for you all, free.

Like I said before, I do not feel that a quality education is something you should have to purchase. There are millions of people around the world that have not had the money, time, or accessibility to pursue a higher education. I am hoping to change all of that. As thenewboston continues to grow, I aim to expand to other topics such as math, sciences, and all core subjects necessary for a quality education. My goal is to eventually create a source that anyone can access worldwide for a free, quality education without ever having to pay a single dime. I want to deliver the tutorials and videos that surpass the quality of even the top colleges and universities around the world. This is my goal, and this is what I believe we can achieve.

So this is my promise to you all. I will continue to work each and every day of my life until this goal is met. I will never sell out to a bigger corporation and I will never charge a single penny for any of these videos. There are some things that are much more important than money, and I believe that this is one of those things.

So to everyone, welcome to the beginning. The beginning of a new kind of education. Welcome to the beginning of an education revolution.

Welcome, to thenewboston.

-Bucky Roberts